3-DESTriple Data Encryption Standard
56KITU modem standard
AECAcoustic Echo Cancellation or Canceller
AESAdvanced Encryption Standard
AGCAutomatic Gain Control
ALCAutomatic Level Control
APSOAdaptive Particle Swarm Optimization
ATAAnalog Telephone Adapter
Bell 212/Bell 103ITU/Bell modem standard
BSSBlind Signal Separation
CamelliaBlock Cipher
CASAComputational Auditory Scene Analysis
CAST-128/256Block Cipher
CCMCounter with Cipher Block Chaining-Message Authentication Code
CCMPCounter Mode with Cipher Block Chaining Message Authentication Code Protocol
CSMACarrier Sense Medium Access
CSMA/CACarrier Sense Medium Access/Collision Avoidance
CELPCode-ExcitationLinear Predictive
CMAConstant modulus algorithm
CMSCryptographic Message Syntax
CNGComfort Noise Generation
CSCompressed Sensing
CTCSSContinuous Tone-Code Squelch System
CTSClear to Send
DAA DigitalAnalog Analog
DCA DependentComponent Analysis
DCFDistributed Coordination Function
DESData Encryption Standard
DHCPDynamic Host Connection Protocol
DMDDigital Micromirror Device
DMRCDistortion Minimizing Rate Control
DMSDefense Messaging System
DOADirection of Arrival
DPIDeep Packet Inspection
DRCDynamic Range Compression
DSADigital Signature Algorithm
DSPDigital Signal Processor
DTDDouble Talk Detector
DTEDigital Terminal Equipment
DTLSDatagram Transport Layer Security
DTMFDual Tone Multi-Frequency
DTXDiscontinuous Transmission
DUETDegenerate Unmixing Estimation Technique
DWTDiscrete Wavelet Transform
EAPExtensible Authentication Protocol
EAPoWEAP over Wireless
ECEcho Cancellation
ECCElliptical Curve Cryptosystem
ECDLPElliptic Curve Discrete Logarithm Problem
ECDSAElliptical Curve Digital Signature Algorithm
ECMError Correction Method
EPSOEuclidian Particle Swarm Optimization
FDAFFrequency Domain Adaptive Filtering
FD-GSCFrequency-Domain Generalized Sidelobe Canceller
FECForward Error Correction
FMFrequency Modulation
FoIPFax over IP
FPGAField Programmable Gate Array
FSKFrequency Shift Key
FTPSFile Transfer Protocol Secure
G.165ITU Line Echo Canceller
G.168ITU Line Echo Canceller
G.711ITU Speech Coder – 64k bps PCM (A-law or μ-law form)
G.722ITU Speech Coder – 7 kHz audio coding within 64 kbit/s (SB-ADPCM)
G.722.1ITU Speech Coder – 24k and 32k bps, 7 kHz audio
G.722.2ITU Speech Coder – Adaptive Multi-Rate Wideband (GSM AMR-WB)
G.723.1ITU Speech Coder – 5 1/3k and 6.4k bps ACELP/MP-MLQ
G.726ITU Speech Coder – 16k, 24k, 32k and 40k bps ADPCM
G.727ITU Speech Coder – 5, 4, 3 and 2-bits sample Embedded ADPCM
G.728ITU Speech Coder – 16k bps LD-CELP
G.729 Annex BITU Speech Coder – Silence Detection
G.729/G.729AITU Speech Coder – 8k bps CS-ACELP
GCMGalois Counter Mode
GPSOGaussian Particle Swarm Optimization
GSM-AMRGSM Speech Coder – GSM 06.90 Adaptive Multi-Rate Vocoder
GSM-AMR-WBGSM Speech Coder – GSM 06.xx Adaptive Multi-Rate Wideband (ITU G.722.2)
GSM-EFRGSM Speech Coder – GSM 06.60 Enhanced Full Rate Vocoder
GSM-FRGSM Speech Coder – GSM 06.10 Full Rate Vocoder
GSM-HRGSM Speech Coder – GSM 06.20 Half Rate Vocoder
H.261Video Conference Video Coder Standard
H.263Video Conference Video Coder Standard
H.264Video Conference Video Coder Standard
HDLCHigh level Data Link Control
HPBXHome Private Branch Exchange
HTTPSHypertext Transfer Protocol Secure
ICAIndependent component analysis
ICEInteractive Connectivity Establishment
IKEv2Internet Key Exchange version 2
iLBCInternet Low Bitrate Codec
IPBXInternet Protocol Private Branch Exchange
IPsecSecure Internet Protocol
JADEJoint Approximate Diagonalization Eigen-matrices
JPEGJoint Photographic Experts Group
JPEG2000Joint Photographic Experts Group 2000
JPIPJPEG200 Interactivity Protocol
JPSECJPEG 2000 Secure
JPWLJPEG 2000 image coding system: Wireless
LANsENDVOCAL’s network operating system framework
LCMVLinearly-Constrained Minimum-Variance
LDPCLow-Density-Parity-Check Codes Forward Error Correcting algorithm
LECLine Echo Cancellation or Canceller
LILawful Intercept
LPC-10Linear Predictive Code -10
MACMedium Access Control
MELPMixed-Excitation Linear Predictive
MELPeMixed-Excitation Linear Predictive Enhanced
MIMEMultipurpose Internet Mail Extensions
MIMOMultiple Input Multiple Output
MOSMean Opinion Score
MOSSMIME Object Security Services
MPEGMoving Pictures Experts Group
MSPMessage Security Protocol
NATNetwork Address Translation
NBFMNarrow Band Frequency Modulation
NLMSNormalized Least Mean Squares
NNTPNetwork News Transfer Protocol
NRNoise reduction
NUMNetwork Utility Maximization
OFDMAOrthogonal Frequency Division Multiple Access
PCAPrincipal Components Analysis
PCMPulse Code Modulation
PEMPrivacy Enhanced Mail
PFSPerfect Forward Secrecy
PGPPretty Good Privacy
PLCPacket Loss Concealment
PLDProgrammable Logic Device
POTSPlain Old Telephone System
PPPoEPoint to Point Protocol over Ethernet
PSKPhase Shift Key
PSOParticle Swarm Optimization
PSQMPerceptual Speech Quality Measure
PSTNPublic System Telephone Network
QAMQuadrature Amplitude Modulation
QoSQuality of Service
RabinStream Cipher
RASoIPRemote Access Server over IP
RC4RSA Encryption Algorithm
RDKReference Design Kit
Reed-SolomonReed Solomon Forward Error Correction algorithm
R-GSCRobust Generalized Sidelobe Canceller
RoIPRadio over Internet Protocol (Radio over IP)
RSARSA Encryption Algorithm
RTSRequest to Send
S/MIMESecure / Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions
SASLSimple Authentication and Security Layer Protocol
SDESSession Description Protocol Security Description for Media Streams
Secure ACAPSecure Application Configuration Access Protocol
Secure COMediaSecure Connection-Oriented Media Transport
Secure COPSSecure Common Open Policy Service
Secure IMAPSecure Internet Message Access Protocol
Secure POPSecure Post Office Protocol
Secure SIPSecure Session Initiation Protocol
Secure SMTPSecure Simple Mail Transfer Protocol
SEED128 Bit Block Cipher
SETSecure Electronic Transaction
SFTPSecure File Transfer Protocol
SHA1Secure Hash Encryption algorithm
S-HTTPSecure Hypertext Transfer Protocol
SILKVariable Bitrate Wideband Speech Codec
SIPSession Initiation Protocol
SNEWSSecure Network News Transfer Protocol
SNRSignal-to-Noise Ratio
SpeexWide Band Voice Codec – 8 kHz, 16 kHz, and 32 kHz CELP
SRStochastic Resonance
SRTPSecure Real-time Transport Protocol
SSHSecure Shell Protocol
SSIDService Set Identification
SSLv3/TLSv1Secure Sockets Layer/Transport Layer Security
STFTShort-time Fourier Transform
STUNSimple Traversal of UDP Through NAT
SVDSingular value decomposition
T.30Fax transmission with PSTN Standard
T.30-EColor Fax Standard
T.38Fax over IP Standard
TD-GSCTime Domain Generalized Sidelobe Canceller
TDMATime Division Multiple Access
TDOATime Delay of Arrival
TOATime of Arrival
TR-69CPE WAN Management Protocol (CWMP)
TrellisError Correction Algorithm
TLSTransport Layer Security
TSNTransitional Security Network
TurboTurbo Codes Forward Error Correcting (FEC) algorithm
TURNTraversal Using Relay NAT
UWBUltra Wide Band
V.17ITU modem standard
V.21 ch2ITU modem standard
V.22bis/V.22ITU modem standard
V.23/V.21ITU modem standard
V.27terITU modem standard
V.29ITU modem standard
V.32bis/V.32ITU modem standard
V.34ITU modem standard
V.34faxITU modem standard
V.42ITU modem standard
V.42bisITU modem standard
V.44ITU modem standard
V.90ITU modem standard
V.92ITU modem standard
V2oIPVoice and Video over Internet Protocol
VADVoice Activity Detection
VOXVoice Activated Transmission
VPBXVideo Private Branch Exchange
VQEVoice Quality Enhancement; aka speech enhancement
WEPWired Equivalent Privacy
WiMAX SecurityDES-CBC encryption/authentication and PKM
WMSNWireless Multimedia Sensor Network
WPAWi-Fi Protected Access
WRAPWireless Robust Authentication Protocol
WTLSWireless Transport Layer Security
XMPPExtensible Messaging and Presence Protocol
XTLSExtensible Transport Layer Security