Complete Communications Engineering

  1. VOCAL Technologies Extends the Longevity of Dial-In Point-of-Sale Payment Processing with New SAMS Solution  (5/2021) Point of Sale processing using analog lines, is cloud enabled.
  2. VOCAL Technologies Helps Utility Companies Worldwide Overcome Meter Reading Challenges With New SAMS Solution (4/2021)  Meter reading backend systems in a data center environment are now possible.
  3. VOCAL Technologies Creates Unique Solution to Help Alarm Companies Make A Smooth Transition from Analog to VoIP Phone Lines (3/2021) Finally, a virtualizable solution that allows modem based alarm panels to be monitored using modern infrastructure.
  4. MoIP Gateway Implements VOCAL’s Enhanced Modem over IP Solution (03/05/2015) MoIP technology links legacy Meters, RTU or SCADA modem telemetry to IP networks, eliminates phone line charges, and extends service to remote areas.
  5. HD Video Reference Design Lowers Cost of Multi-Channel H.264 1080p Videoconferencing (08/19/2014) VOCAL Technologies multi-channel H.264 1080p video reference design with HD audio lowers the cost of high definition videoconferencing
  6. Acoustic Echo Cancellation Plus Software Integrates Speech Enhancement, AGC and Echo Tail Search (05/29/2014) VOCAL Technologies Acoustic Echo Cancellation Plus software built-in features provide superior voice quality and ease of product integration
  7. VOCAL’s Multi-Channel Video Framework Unleashes Full Potential of DaVinci DM8168 (06/20/2013) VOCAL Technologies Multi-Channel Video Framework for the Texas Instruments DaVinci TMS320DM8168 processor adds support for up to 3 simultaneous H.264 1080p audio-video channels.
  8. Dereverberation Brings the Far-End Speaker Up Close and Clear (06/13/2013) VOCAL’s proprietary dereverberation algorithm removes reverberations that are common in typical acoustic environments.
  9. VOCAL Announces HD Video MCU Reference Design for Multi-Channel HD Video Conferencing Solutions (05/10/2013) VOCAL Technologies releases HD Video MCU reference design for multi-channel H.264 video conferencing solutions with wideband audio and up to full HD (1080p) video.
  10. VOCAL and Tilgin Partner to Leverage TR-069 for Enhanced Customer Services (08/06/2012) VOCAL TR-069 Client Software Stack successfully completes extensive IOT with Tilgin ACS. The Companies will partner to leverage benefits of TR-069 for new products with enhanced customer services.
  11. Enhanced Tr-069 VoIP Stack Enables Dynamic Reconfiguration of Fax Lawful Interception Assets (06/18/2012) VOCAL’s integrated suite of modular software helps developers rapidly implement highly interoperable and reconfigurable solutions for Fax Lawful Interception using standards-based TR-069 and Fax Image Extraction.
  12. Enhanced VoIP Stack Design with Echo Cancellation for Crisp Clear Speech (06/11/2012) Customers are pleased with the superior voice quality and improved user experience that VOCAL’s Enhanced VoIP Stack design with a proprietary echo cancellation algorithm provides for their products.
  13. VOCAL’s VoIP Software Stack Provides Optimized ITU, GSM and Wideband Vocoders for Android (06/04/2012) VOCAL’s Modular VoIP Software Stack provides ITU, GSM and wideband vocoders optimized for Android with enhanced voice quality for improved mobile internet calling.
  14. VOCAL’s Comprehensive Fax Diagnostics Troubleshoot Fax Transmission Issues (05/29/2012) VOCAL’s modular fax software stack extends the Axacore facsimile products to provide comprehensive diagnostic features needed to quickly troubleshoot fax transmissions issues.
  15. VOCAL Technologies Fax Software Release Provides Scalable Solutions for Enterprise and ISP Fax Services(05/14/2012)VOCAL’s modular fax software stack with enhanced V.34 fax capability provides scalable engine to expand Axacore business fax solutions for Enterprise and ISP customers.
  16. VOCAL Technologies Retires Your Modem Channel Banks(05/8/2012)RASoIP™ enables access to legacy data modem equipment over IP networks.
  17. VOCAL Technologies Unveils RAS Over IP™(06/15/2009)RASoIP™ device and service platform for the replacement of telephone network Remote Access Servers for data and facsimile applications
  18. VOCAL unveils new internet PBX ATA (iPBX) and PBXtender to extend VoIP service in homes and offices(03/16/2006)New Hardware Allows VoIP Freedom of Movement and Building-wide Use
  19. VOCAL, Technologies Ltd. Teams with SOC Technology GmbH & Co. KG for Production of VoIP Speaker Phone(09/19/2005)Fully-functional phone will feature BORSCHT, low-cost design
  20. VOCAL Announces Single-Processor VoIP-Analog Telephone Adapter Based on TMS320C55x DSP from Texas Instruments(05/04/2005)New Design’s Processor, Plus TI Power Management and Analog Logic, Enable Consumers to Add Broadband Phone Lines
  21. New Adapters from VOCAL Technologies, Ltd. enhance VOIP service, accommodate more phones (04/27/2005)
  22. VOCAL Technologies selects SMSC as its ethernet silicon supplier for all ip interaction serving voice over IP market (02/05/2005)
  23. VOCAL Technologies Chooses Legerity VoicePort for Ultra Low Cost ATA(01/10/2005)Legerity Chipset Enables Lowest Total System Design Cost Available to Market
  24. VOCAL Introduces High-Performance, Low-Cost ATA Solution for VoIP Market (10/15/2004)VOCAL’s 2×2+1 ATA Solution Offers Highly Configurable, Low-Cost Hardware and Software Reference Design to OEMs and Service Providers
  25. VOCAL Provides Its AES-128 for DTCP Using Industry-Standard Microprocessors(11/19/2003)VOCAL Achieves Drop-In AES-128 Module for Digital Transmission Content Protocol on an Industry-Standard Microprocessor
  26. VOCAL Introduces Optimal CTR-AES, CBC-MAC-AES, and CCMP-AES Encryption Cores for 802.11i (11/17/2003)
  27. VOCAL Adds AES Functionality to MIPS Technologies’ New 32-Bit Pro Series’ Cores(11/12/2003)With the MIPS CorExtend Capability, VOCAL Achieves Cryptography Engine on an Industry-Standard Microprocessor
  28. VOCAL Adds DSP Functionality to MIPS Technologies’ New 32-Bit Pro Series’ Cores(1/27/2003)With the MIPS CorExtend Capability, VOCAL Achieves High-End DSP-Like Performance on an Industry-Standard Microprocessor
  29. VOCAL Technologies Inks Accord With Agilent Technologies(12/9/2002)Agilent Selects Fax Modem Software for Its Image Processing Solutions
  30. VOCAL Technologies Provides Turnkey DSP Software Solution To InSciTek’s Allworx 10x Server(11/21/2002)Application Developer Creates VoIP Gateway Codec System that Supports 16 Channels of Realized DSP in Communications and Information Server
  31. VOCAL Provides the Voice for Sorenson SVX Hybrid Chips (5/7/2002)New low-complexity voice compression, line, and acoustic echo cancellation techniques can be integrated into a single DSP
  32. VOCAL quadruples battery life in IEEE 802.11a, 802.11b, and 802.11g Wireless LAN mobile units(4/2/2002)Asymmetrical coding solution minimizes power consumption for current and next-generation WLAN mobiles
  33. VOCAL offers build-to-suit IEEE 802.11a, 802.11b, and 802.11g Wireless LAN Solutions(4/2/2002)New customized solutions allow access to different elements of the physical layer for fine-tuning current and next-generation WLANs
  34. VOCAL LDPC Codes Extend IEEE 802.11a, 802.11b and 802.11g Wireless LAN Range(2/12/2002)Software solutions improve power, range, and performance incurrent and next generation WLANs
  35. VOCAL Turbo Codes Boost IEEE 802.11a, 802.11b and 802.11g Wireless LAN Performance(2/5/2002)Software solutions boost performance in current and next generation WLANs with low-power transmissions
  36. VOCAL Software Translates Video For 2.5G/3G Wireless Handsets(2/5/2002)New software solution combines vocoder and videocoder functionality to send Internet video, audio, and text messaging across wireless phone systems
  37. VOCAL Software Enables WLAN Hardware Implementation(2/5/2002)New flexible software solutions support fast time to market for WLAN ICs operating at 802.11a, 802.11b, and 802.11g standards.
  38. VOCAL ships V.92 modem software for a variety of DSP chips.(12/12/2000)Major communications software house ships software enabling faster Internet connect, faster upstream transmission and ability to answer phone calls while surfing.
  39. VOCAL And LSI Logic Sign Agreement To Collaborate In DSP Software Applications For The ZSP Processor. (3/27/2000)VOCAL intends to develop ZSP optimized implementations of it’s proven voice, facsimile and data modem algorithms, based upon the requirements of it’s customers.
  40. BOPS And VOCAL Announce Development And Cooperation Alliance(3/27/2000)Included in the development for the BOPS architecture will be VOCAL’s support for all the common G-series and GSM vocoders, FAX over IP (T.37/T.38),
    RAS modem servers through V.90/V.92 and Point of Sale (POS) protocols.
  41. VOCAL Announces Voice-Over-DSL Standard Software for Analog Devices’ ADSP-218X DSPs(3/21/2000)New standard software configuration specialized for Voice-Over-DSL applications targets CPE and server equipment manufacturers.
  42. VOCAL To Develop Generic VoIP Products For CEVA Cores(11/2/1999)Major communications software house announces generic software products to serve the fast-growing VoIP market.
  43. VOCAL Licenses Modem Software To Digi International(8/4/1999)VOCAL’s DSP Technology Becomes Basic Building Block for Digi’s Line of Communications Adapters
  44. VOCAL Licenses Fax-over-IP and Voice-over-IP Software to ACC(7/27/1998)VOCAL’s DSP Communications Software Extends Tigris Remote Access Concentrator IP Connectivity Options
  45. VOCAL Introduces Complete DSP-based Voice Over IP Solution(5/2/1998)Complete IP telephony solution integrates voice coding, DTMF detection/generation and slew of crucial call management functions taken for granted in switched circuit systems.
  46. VOCAL Data/Fax Modem Software Available on Analog Devices’ 2100 DSP Core(7/29/1996)Comprehensive software library for low-cost telephony and multimedia targets rapid system development on the ADSP-2100 Family Architecture
  47. New DSP Micro-Kernel Available for CEVA’s SmartCoresTM Family of DSP Cores(3/7/1995)Design targets fast, low cost development needs for telephony and multimedia. Kernel ships complete with source code for SmartCores DSP cores.
  48. VOCAL to Port Integrated Fax/Modem Software to CEVA’s SmartCoresTM(11/30/1994)Comprehensive library targets OEM development needs for fast, low-cost telephony and multimedia software
  49. New DSP Micro-Kernel Available for ADSP-21xx Developers(10/18/1994)Simple design targets fast, low cost development needs for telephony and multimedia. Kernel ships complete with source code for ADSP-21xx family and is available now
  50. DSP-based Modem Software Targets Digital Telephony(6/13/1994)Programmable design uses general purpose DSP and downloadable code to provide modem compatible with digital communications channels
  51. DSP Design Targets Low Cost Embedded Modem Applications(4/26/1994)New product represents improved price/performance point for OEM modem applications. DSP design saves time to market, enhances future flexibility