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VoIP Software provides a comprehensive Voice over IP software solutions for a wide range of Voice, Video, Radio and Mobile VoIP applications.

VOCAL’s VoIP software includes adaptive jitter and voice quality enhancement algorithms with robust noise reduction, echo cancellation and dereverberation. Together with VoIP encryption using secure SIP, SRTP, SDES, IPsec and other secure protocols, our VoIP software can ensure privacy and security of all communications. Our software libraries are fully integrated and highly configurable, including a SIP client and server with Network Stack and a broad selection of VoIP vocoders.

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VoIP protocols are used for secure, real-time voice, video, fax and data communications over mobile, radio and IP networks.

VOCAL’s VoIP Software modules provide secure, real-time unified communications for voice, video, radio and data over the Internet or any other IP network. This includes a wide range of VoIP codecs and Quality of Service (QoS) support, where efficient utilization and prioritization of existing bandwidth can ensure exceptional voice quality and maximal data transmission. Our VoIP software may be licensed as a library with custom VoIP solutions available to meet specific developer requirements. Additional information regarding all aspects of our VoIP software is available.

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VOCAL ensures compliance with the latest standards and conducts comprehensive compatibility and interoperability testing to verify our VoIP software is fully interoperable with products from Cisco, Quintum, NetCentrex, Asterisk and other vendors.  For additional information regarding compatibility and interoperability testing, please contact us.

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