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VOCAL provides a broad range of Voice design solutions to support a variety of voice applications as well as voice communications over radio, mobile, PSTN and IP networks. Our voice designs may be configured from a suite of speech compression, echo cancellation, noise reduction and beamforming solutions to support your specific development brochure

The block diagram below shows a representative voice processing system. A microphone array receives a near field or far field desired signal as well as an interfering signal from a loudspeaker. The multiple microphone signals are processed by a beamformer and a direction-of-arrival (DOA) estimator. The output of the DOA estimator is sent to the beamformer to modify the weighting coefficients in the beamformer. The beamforming output and the reference signal from the loudspeaker are fed into an acoustic echo cancellation (AEC) software. The outputs of the echo cancelers are further processed noise reduction and automatic gain control modules.  The audio is finally compressed for transmission.

voice processing block diagram

The links below provide more detail about the processing elements in this diagram as well as other voice processing module software.

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Custom solutions are also available. Contact us to discuss your voice application requirements with our engineering staff.


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VOCAL’s software libraries include a complete range of ETSI / ITU / IEEE compliant algorithms, in addition to many other standard and proprietary algorithms. Our source code is optimized for execution on DSP and conventional processors from TI, ADI, ARM, Intel, MIPS, and other vendors. The modular software library can be executed as a single task under a number of operating systems or standalone with its own microkernel. Our software may be  licensed as individual modules, a library or complete design.

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