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SEED is a 128-bit symmetric key block cipher developed by the Korean Information Security Agency (KISA). SEED is a national industrial association standard and is widely used in South Korea for secure electronic commerce, financial services systems, and the like, operating within wired and wireless communications networks.

SEED normally requires a smaller memory footprint than other cryptographic algorithms, thereby making it easier to implement in either software or hardware for computing environments with restricted resources, such as mobile devices and smart cards. SEED is robust with respect to differential cryptanalysis, linear cryptanalysis, and related key attacks.

Main features of the SEED algorithm include:

Please refer to the KISA SEED specification
for details regarding the SEED algorithm and history.

RFC 4269 is the primary RFC regarding SEED, and supersedes RFC 4009.

RFC 4010 and
RFC 4196
provide additional information related to SEED.

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