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Cloud/VM, Datacenter and IOT/M2M support of Legacy Analog Modems running on X86 and more. SIP Analog Modem and Fax Servers. Lawful Interception. Analog Modem Adapters. Modulations for all use cases. Software and Firmware for Processors from Intel, ARM, Texas Instruments, Analog Devices and more.

Voice Quality Enhancement including, Echo Cancellation, Microphone Array Signal Processing, Adaptive Beamforming, Noise Reduction applied to Conference & Intercom Systems, and Voice Control products. Voice Compression to Telephony detection for IP, Radio and Mobile communications.

Voice and Video over IP, ranging from Embedded Appliances to Cloud Servers – Mobile Devices to Defense Systems. Across IP, Satellite and Radio, our solutions are used in test equipment, medical devices,  lawful intercept systems, UAVs, aerospace and telecom. SIP, RTP, ITU and IETF standards.

Solutions for

Our innovative designs have been incorporated into UAVs, video surveillance, voice and data RF devices, military radios, secure government communications devices, lawful interception systems, and Radio over IP systems in government and military infrastructure.

Our acoustic echo cancellation, acoustic beamforming, voice quality enhancement and audio noise reduction solutions ensure you will always be able to communicate effectively, no matter the environment or conditions. Our SIP analog modem server allows you to keep your existing legacy modems using MV-90 and other protocols while infrastructure continues to move to IP and into the cloud.

Our VoIP solutions are used in a wide range of voice and video conferencing, mobile and radio communications solutions. VOCAL provides turn-key and custom designs to meet your VoIP application requirements. medical devices, embedded modems, Fax over IP and Modem over IP.

Our lawful interception solutions decode analog and digital voice, fax and data communications as well as provide compliance for corporate policies and government regulations in all business communications. Unified Communications, video and audio conferencing systems. Commercial products for Satellite communications, embedded VoIP, Medical and Smart Home.


VOCAL specializes in voice and VoIP technologies for telephony, network, mobile and radio applications.

With our modular hardware designs, you’ll save time when you most need it, while serving your customers. Scaling from IOT to SBCs with a choice of processors, analog inputs and outputs, telecom interfaces, and network connectivity, we can quickly help you meet your design requirements.

Watch your profits and efficiency soar. Our decades of communications engineering, enable us to produce the highest quality systems in very tight timeframes.  Voice, Video, Data Modem, IP, Facsimile. Whatever forms of communications that your project requires, we have the algorithms, protocols and expertise to get the job done.

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