Complete Communications Engineering

VOCAL Technologies, Ltd., founded in 1986, is a leading designer of software and hardware solutions under license for voice, video, fax, and data transmissions. We develop and apply advanced technologies for superior communication. VOCAL is dedicated to providing clients with industry-leading, innovative design solutions—the highest quality communications at the lowest cost.

Our seasoned engineers will work with your staff to quickly transfer technologies and integrate licensed components into your products. We have extensive experience in:

  • Telecommunications (analog and digital signaling)
  • Data Communications (voice band modems, and Internet protocols)
  • Facsimile (Super Group 3, fax over IP, T.38 and Lawful Interception)
  • Voice Processing (speech compression, echo cancellation, noise reduction, beamforming)
  • Our lightweight network operating system (LANsEND)
  • Protocols for voice-over IP networks (such as SIP)
  • Radio over IP (including ED-137)
  • Modem over IP (including the ITU-T V.150 suite of protocols)


Please contact us to discuss your communications application requirements.

Communication Solutions: Why Choose VOCAL

VOCAL provides solutions on a range of DSP, RISC, and CISC processors. DSP platforms include Texas Instruments families, Analog Devices families, StarCore, and DSP Group cores. General purpose processors include x86, ARM, MIPS, RISC-V and Power-PC. Our software can be integrated into Commercial Off-the-Shelf (COTS) or custom hardware.

Many single- and multi-channel solutions for the voice and modem networking markets have been implemented under contract for our clients. Our clients have shipped millions of ports using VOCAL’s voice processing, data and facsimile modulations, data protocols, facsimile command sets, and network protocol stacks over the years. Clients have also developed numerous high-density server systems using VOCAL software, each meeting extensive interoperability standards.

VOCAL has developed its On-One™ DSP technology to reduce production costs. By running all DSP functions and application protocols under our own simple network operating system (LANsEND), high-density processing can be exploited by today’s innovative products. For a typical system, an On-One DSP-based product may implement twice as many channels as a typical RISC processor.

For larger channel densities, the applications scale to a full operating system, such as an embedded Linux, or Windows and Linux Server platforms. VOCAL’s reference designs are hence scalable depending on the client’s product requirements.

As an innovative company, we foster and reward creativity. VOCAL’s diverse and capable teams of technical personnel can provide the level of support required to complete any project in a timely manner.

If you have any questions or are interested in learning more, please do not hesitate to be in touch. Contact David Jamieson directly at (716) 688-4675 or send an email regarding any inquiries.