Buffalo, NY 04 June 2012. VOCAL Technologies, Ltd. announced the release of their Modular Voice over IP (VoIP) Software Stack optimized for Android platforms. It enables access to low cost online Voice over IP service providers and includes a wide selection of Android vocoders to support a variety of customized mobile applications with unique requirements. The software implements a network stack and VoIP protocols, including SIP and RTP. SRTP or TCP with TLS can also be used for secure communications when needed. Developers can access the software stack features using the standard Android JNI.

Although the Android SDK includes basic GSM telephony capabilities, VOCAL’s integrated VoIP software libraries provide developers a range of optimized ITU, GSM, Wideband and other standard Android vocoders. Currently the VoIP modular software supports standard Android speech coders G.711, G.722, G.722.1, G722.2, G.729, G.729A, and G.729AB, Speex, as well as the enhanced MELP (Mixed Excitation Linear Prediction) voice codec. Additional Android vocoders are available from VOCAL upon request.

Mobile devices are often used in noisy and sometimes very challenging environments.  The VoIP software stack incorporates acoustic echo cancellation and noise reduction as well as an adaptive jitter algorithm to significantly enhance voice quality. The proprietary algorithm is exceptional at maintaining constant audio output to the listener while adapting to jitter from packet loss or delays as a result of network congestion. Depending on the application, Android wideband speech coders, such as G722 and G722.1, may also be used to further enhance voice quality and intelligibility.

“Our VoIP stack provides Android developers a range of customizable solutions to meet their mobile internet calling requirements,” according to David Jamieson, Business Development, VOCAL Technologies “and it opens up new opportunities for the mobile market with related Voice over IP applications including Fax, Modem, and Radio over IP.”


Founded in 1986, VOCAL Technologies, Ltd. is a leading provider of innovative telecommunications and networking solutions for OEM customers worldwide. VOCAL provides next generation communications solutions for a range of Business, Military, and consumer products. The Company is dedicated to providing cost effective software and hardware solutions under license for voice, video, data, and facsimile (fax) applications with support for all major DSP, RISC, CISC and mobile processors.  For more information about specific products and services, visit www.vocal.com.