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VOCAL Technologies, Ltd., a leading developer of software and hardware solutions for the communications industry, announces their HD Video Multi-point Control Unit (MCU) reference design. The HD Video MCU design enables rapid development of HD video conferencing solutions with wideband audio and H.264 video capture and streaming in high definition.

VOCAL’s HD Video MCU design leverages the Texas Instruments DaVinci TMS320DM81xx family of video processors and video decoder technologies to provide low-cost, integrated multichannel HD video solutions. The DaVinci TMS320DM8168 based MCU reference design supports up to three (3) HD 1080p or twelve (12) SD channels. “This allows our customers to focus on value added features” explains Leon Kok, Project Engineer at VOCAL, “while incorporating the latest in multi-channel video technology into their products.”

VOCAL’s video conferencing software library provides a full suite of wideband and ultra-wideband audio codecs including G.711, G.729 and Opus. Along with H.264, MPEG-4, SIP and other VoIP protocols, our proven software enables developers to create a superior audio video experience with HD audio and smooth H.264 video capture and display.

“Our HD video reference design is part of a complete video conferencing solution that handles signaling, audio and HD video processing” adds David Jamieson, Business development at VOCAL Technologies, Ltd. “This enables our customers to quickly integrate the latest audio video technologies into existing applications and add value to their long term investment as well as create new products for their customers.”


Founded in 1986, VOCAL Technologies, Ltd. is a leading provider of innovative telecommunications and networking solutions for OEM customers worldwide. The company develops next generation communications solutions for a range of business, military, and consumer products. VOCAL is dedicated to providing cost effective software and hardware designs under license for video, voice, data, and facsimile (fax) applications with support for all major DSP, RISC and CISC processors.  For more information about specific products and services, visit