VOCAL Technologies Multi-Channel Video Framework for the Texas Instruments DaVinci TMS320DM8168 processor adds support for up to 3 simultaneous H.264 1080p audio-video channels

VOCAL Technologies, Ltd., a leading developer of software and hardware solutions for the communications industry, released an update to their Multi-Channel Video Framework which adds support for the Texas Instruments DaVinci TMS320DM81xx range of media processors. It unlocks the full potential of the DM81xx family of media processors with an API capable of simultaneous multi-channel video solutions using standard video decoders such as the TVP7002, TVP5147, TVP5158 and the SiL1161. The framework provides a high-level API with support for a broad range of industry standard VoIP protocols including custom signaling and a number of innovative features to help speed time-to-market while maximizing interoperability.

By leveraging both the TI EZ-SDK and RDK, VOCAL engineers have created a framework that supports simultaneous multi-channel video. “While the DM8168 is capable of  delivering up to three HD, or twelve SD channels simultaneously, the TI EZ-SDK only supports running a single video channel at a time” explains George Dante, Project Engineer at VOCAL, “Adding support for simultaneous streams on a range of decoders provides the features our customers really want.”

VOCAL’s Multi-Channel Video Framework (VMCVF) provides access to a comprehensive software library including H.264 video compression, VoIP protocols, and a wide range of wideband and ultra-wideband audio codecs such as G.711, G.722, G.729AB and Opus. With built-in acoustic echo cancellation, advanced noise reduction, and dereverberation and beamforming techniques, the software suite allows developers to create a superior audio-video experience with crystal clear wideband audio and smooth high-definition video capture and display.

“Our Multi-Channel Video Framework and hardware design are the building blocks for a complete video conferencing solution that handles signaling and high definition audio and video processing” adds David Jamieson, Business development at VOCAL Technologies, Ltd. “Our customers can quickly bring products to market at lower cost and with the latest audio video technologies.”


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