Multi-mic noise reduction software is a signal enhancement algorithm that utilizes information from multiple microphones to determine the optimal noise filter.  Multi-mic noise reduction (MMNR) software can be a standalone solution, but it is best served as a post-process to an acoustic beamforming, or a dual mic noise cancellation solution.  In addition, the MMNR gain function can be applied in combination with single channel noise reduction software.  The whole is greater than the sum of its parts, when MMNR is combined with these voice quality enhancement techniques.  The result is superior audio quality in challenging acoustic environments.

multi-mic noise reduction block diagram

The inclusion of multiple microphones and the multi-mic noise reduction filter into the system design provides several advantages.  MMNR has the ability to adapt more quickly to non-stationary noise sources than single microphone noise reduction algorithm.  Also, MMNR can further improve the performance of beamforming algorithms in diffuse noise fields.

The multi-mic noise reduction software is customizable to support 2 to 16 microphones, and different orientations of microphones.  For example, some applications may use a uniform circular array for 360 degree sound coverage.  While other applications, may have a user mounted microphone with a detached noise reference microphone.  This software is used in military, industrial and commercial applications such as cockpits, large conference rooms, and other challenging acoustic environments that can interfere with effective voice communications.  VOCAL has the industry experience to develop a solution that meets your specific audio requirements.