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VOCAL extensive library is used all across the industrial and automotive sectors.  All automotive communications needs, whether for human consumption or M2M benefit from our extensive libraries and years of engineering experience.  Our RTP stack is used for in-vehicle audio and video transport, while our  VQE and Beamforming packages are used for clear audio communications and voice control. 

On the industrial front, VOCAL works extensively with companies across the spectrum – the energy sector, rail transportation, elevators and more.  Our modem technology is used to keep legacy equipment working in a modern world.  Our VoIP software is used to allow communications in difficult environments, or where communications need to be relayed across networks and varying transports.

In telecommunication or voice control systems where acoustic echo, background noise, reverberation or other causes significantly degrade the quality of the voice signal, VOCAL’s Voice Quality Enhancement (VQE) software suite is a necessary component.

The key to integrating a VQE solution is to put the echo cancellation, noise reduction, voice activity detection, beamforming and other algorithms together in such a way that maximizes speech enhancement for a particular application.

The foundation of these technologies can be applied to wearable & hearable devices, two way radios, car infotainment systems, and in-car communication systems.   

From Augmented Reality (AR) glasses to safety helmets VOCAL’s multi-mic speech enhancement software provides improved communication quality by achieving more natural listening and talking experiences.  

Adaptive Beamforming and Noise Cancellation allocates a directional response to the desired speech source while simultaneously rejecting interfering noise sources from industrial equipment.

Decades of experience in developing and engineering modem technologies have been incorporated into VOCALs modem stack. This means that our products are trusted for industrial applications across all sectors. VOCAL modems are utilized in energy sector metering (MV-90, PrimeRead, Autosol), industrial SCADA applications (standardized and custom platforms), Out of Band equipment access, and Point of Sale payment processing.

With a flexible and customizable software based modem stack, VOCAL is able to offer a rich suite of modem solutions. VOCALs modem stack has been embedded into industrial and commercial products, deployed into large scale RAS and dial servers, and even run in cloud based environments.

Combining modem and VoIP expertise VOCAL offers SAMS, a complete solution for migrating away from existing dial servers (RAS, Cisco PVDM, modem banks) while maintaining compatibility with already deployed endpoints.

VOCAL’s Radio over IP and related technologies allow our customers greater interoperability, greater flexibility, and the ability to build a more robust communication system.  Our radio software and designs have been deployed for railways, industrial mining, soldier radios, first responders,  and UAVs.

RoIP - Radio over IP
Our RoIP software provides clear, private, and secure radio communications using VoIP protocols.
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