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Telecom - IP, PSTN & Mobile

VOCAL started over 30 years ago, as a company focused on voice and data modulations.  We have been involved in engineering the infrastructure and the endpoints in the PSTN and the IP communications world. Our participation in the standardization, engineering and commercialization of telecom technologies; and our work with multinational telecom giants to silicon valley startups has given us experience and technologies unmatched.

In telecom, our software runs in VoIP and Cellular Interworking Functions (IWF), network echo cancellers, satellite communications systems, emergency phones as well as fax and data modem banks. 

Our IP Communications software powers devices throughout the medical industry, such as telemedicine video conference MCU’s, pace maker remote monitoring systems and nurse call stations. 

Closer to the consumer, our software is at the heart of desktop speakerphones,  residential VoIP gateways,  mobile SIP dialers, and ATA devices.


  • Software solutions for a variety of hardware or software/cloud platforms
  • A variety of OS’s supported – Linux, Windows, RTOS, bare metal
  • Scalable – from 1 to hundreds or even thousands of ports
  • Security – many standards based options – TLS, SRTP, AES
  • Hardware designs available
  • X86/X64 , ARM, MIPS
  • DSPs by TI and ADI 
  • Standards based – ITU, ETSI, 3GPP, IETF 
  • Full Featured – 
  • High Performance – C and Assembly code
  • Wrappers for other languages – C#, Java, Objective C
  • Deployed World Wide
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