Law Enforcement & Enterprise

VOCAL’s Lawful Interception software is available for voice, video, fax/facsimile and data communications.  Decoding from analog recordings (.wav), packet captures (.pcap), and realtime (live) capture and record are all supported. Law enforcement, law firms and intelligence agencies all benefit from being able to convert network captures to playable media. Our lawful interception solutions are used to provide compliance for corporate policies and government regulations in all types of business communications.  Transmitted and received fax images, call records, audio and video can be decoded and stored for record keeping and compliance.

As a lawful interception software company and industry leader, our expertise in the design, implementation and configuration of lawful intercept software will help you develop your voice, fax or VoIP application quickly and efficiently. Contact us to discuss your lawful interception application requirements with our engineering staff.

  • VoIP decoding
  • IP Voice and Video decoding
  • Voice/fax analog recorder designs
  • T.38 Fax decoding (image extraction)
  • Analog Fax demodulation, including V.34.
  • Fax analysis
  • Recorded files and real-time sources
  • PSTN and IP networks
  • Turn-key designs and custom solutions

VOCAL has a wide variety of technologies for enterprise, and technology based companies in need of communications solutions.  Unified communications stacks, including SIP, RTP, Speech and Video Codecs, and management protocols such as SNMP and TR-069.  A range of security suites are available, including TLS/SIPS, SRTP plus cryptography algorithms and modulations for secure transmissions over voice band analog lines.

Hardware and software reference designs for a wide range of communications products, including Video Conferencing Units, IP Phones, ATA’s, Analog Recorder boards, and Radio over IP are just a few.    

These technologies are used to build solutions across a wide variety of industries, including Medical and Telemedicine, Cloud services, Smart Home, Unified Communications,  Installed Audio and Conference Room Solutions.

  • Embedded VoIP
  • Unified Communications
  • Video Conferencing
  • ATA, IP Phone and MCU Reference designs
  • Fax and Modem Servers
  • Installed Audio and Conferencing
  • Radio and Serial over IP
  • M2M, IOT ,Telemetry, Point of Sale
  • Smart Speakers, Digital Assistant, ASR 
  • Mobile VoIP communications and DSP
Computer Screen with Coding

 Contact us to discuss your Law Enforcement & Enterprise requirements.