Complete Communications Engineering

Defense & Aerospace Technologies

VOCAL’s  expertise in the design, implementation and configuration of Defense and Aerospace communication systems ranges across a broad spectrum of technologies. Our innovative designs have been incorporated into UAVs, video surveillance, voice and data RF devices, military radios, secure government communications devices, lawful interception systems, and Radio over IP systems in government and military infrastructure.

Our Team Radio designs using IP Mesh Networks support multiple talk groups, security protocols and telecom interconnects and are used by military, law enforcement and industrial users.

Our UAV relay systems, allow ground personnel to use a UAV as a radio relay to the IP back-haul. Multiple radios are supported and mixing of users can be done on the aircraft to allow great flexibility. We have a variety of RoIP technologies, including both hardware and software designs.

Secure communications systems, including STE phones using SCIP are using VOCAL data modulation and protocols for secure connectivity over analog lines, while our AMAs, SAMS and V.150 technology allow legacy systems to be compatible and interoperable with modern IP infrastructure. VOCAL’s Serial over IP gateway implements one audio (E&M/handset) port and three or four sync/async serial ports, to enable integration of serial bus systems with IP networks. 

VOCAL’s MELPe, TSVCIS, and other low bitrate coders, are used in many military systems, when bandwidth is at a premium, such as over satellite and small pipe radio  links.

VOCAL’s Space Application Development Board (SADB-C6727B) enables developers to implement algorithms for full-duplex hands-free voice communication systems. The processor hardware is similar to what would be deployed for spacecraft in a fully radiation hardened (rad-hard) design.

VOCAL’s embedded video designs, help give personnel the ability to not only hear, but see what is going on at the far end of the link.  This can be an essential tool for the demanding and critical tasks they are given.

  • UAVs
  • Team Radios
  • Radio Over IP
  • Secure Communication Gatways (STE, SCIP-215, SCIP-216, V.150)
  • DoD UCR
  • Legacy Communications 
  • Turn-key designs and custom solutions
  • Low Bitrate Speech Coders (MELPe TSVCIS)
  • Serial Over IP
  • Space Applications