SAMS – Modem as a Service (SAMS-MAAS)

While last mile telecom providers continue to accelerate their phase out of analog and TDM digital connections in favor of Voice over IP based solutions, users who rely on small scale legacy modem applications are being left behind. VOCAL has been a leading provider of solutions for enabling the continued use of legacy data modem applications and as such we have created the Modem as a Service (MaaS) addition to our proven SIP Analog Modem Server (SAMS) product to address this ongoing issue.

SAMS Modem as a Service

MaaS is targeted towards Telecom and Cloud service providers. By moving the modulation/demodulation into a controlled environment the issues that have prevented end-users from transitioning to VoIP platforms – namely packet loss, latency, and network jitter – can be virtually eliminated. With MaaS, the modem call is terminated within the service providers’ platform with the “serial” connection being delivered to the customer over a secure TLS connection. MaaS features a flexible certificate-based provisioning system which leverages existing technologies to provide secure per-customer channel allocations and revocations while blocking unauthorized usage.

There remains an untapped market of analog data modem users who are in search of a solution to allow them to keep their business critical systems running but do not have the resources to install and maintain high quality VoIP, Network, and Internet services which are required for delivering reliable modem communications over IP connections. MaaS is both a great value-added service for customers who are looking to transition to a VoIP platform but are hindered by their modem requirements, as well as a recurring revenue source with customers who are ready to ditch their expensive dedicated copper lines.

MaaS is an ideal solution for high volume users but it can be especially attractive when customers have low volume use cases where a premium is placed on availability while the access charges incurred by the provider are minimal.
Ideal target use-cases include:

MaaS Features

Use Cases


Additional Options

VOCAL offers additions to the SAMS package that provide features and functionality that may be applicable to specific environments including:


The fully software based architecture utilized by SAMS combined with decades of experience with data modems and
telecommunications means that VOCAL can customize interfaces and functionality as required by specialized applications, such as alarm panels.

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