The VOCAL Integrated Communicator series (VIC-X) enable licensees to deploy a variety of standards-based next generation SoIP product configurations with extensive features. VoCAL’s highly optimized On-OneTM DSP technology is used to reduce system cost by controlling all SoIP operations for one or two audio (E&M/handset) ports and two to four sync/async serial ports and performing advanced signal processing on a single state-of-the-art DSP. These designs far surpass the competition in terms of cost advantage and time-to-deployment potential, and VoCAL’s extensive customization support allows quick and easy implementation of value-added features. VOCAL’s VIC-X product line implements special configurations of this hardware with customized application-specific operating software. These devices are deployed as specialized software packages on VOCAL (or commercial) hardware, implementing important comm functions, for public and government system, used by political and/or military leaders. Details of VIC-X models may be available upon request.

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