Buffalo, NY – VOCAL Technologies, Ltd., has announced its new RAS Over IP (RASoIPTM) device and service platform for the replacement of telephone network Remote Access Servers for data and facsimile applications.

The transition to the various X-over-IP methods has captured a lot of the low hanging fruit leaving many disconnected islands behind.  VOCAL’s RAS Over IP technology allows for the conversion of all the remaining standards-based communications to use the ever ubiquitous Internet.  Better still, both the consumer and special application service providers save money.  Internet communications are cheap, the application service providers can start reducing their RAS modem banks and the consumer no longer needs to maintain a legacy POTS phone line from the incumbent telephone company.

“One of the beauties of this technology is that neither the network service provider nor the voice service provider need to be involved” said Victor Demjanenko, CTO of VOCAL Technologies.  “The strict real-time processing happens fully in the CPE device.  The service is highly resistant, or highly immune to Internet networks with delays and lost/retransmitted packets.”

Application service provider such as satellite and cable TV companies as well as security services can support their customers when they upgrade to VoIP service.  In fact, RASoIP device could serve as an additional revenue source, while providers save costs by reducing their own server/RAS modem bank requirements.

VOCAL’s RASoIP can be implemented on a variety of different hardware configurations.  Virtually any modern processor, RISC or DSP, may be used with any reasonable OS, including Linux, for the implementation of RASoIP.  Cost efficient designs have a target BOM of $15 in moderately high volume.  Existing ATA’s could also be retrofitted with RASoIP functionality.

RASoIP technology is based on VOCAL’s extensive data and fax modem experience.  VOCAL provides all of the telephone line data modem standards up through and including V.90/V.92.  VOCAL’s fax modem software has been used by a number of 2G and 3G cellular equipment vendors as part of their interworking functions (IWF).  VOCAL’s extensive fax support includes V.34, JBIG, JPEG and T.36 secure fax.

About VOCAL Technologies, Ltd.

Founded in 1986, VOCAL Technologies, Ltd., is an industry leader in providing innovative telecommunications and networking solutions to a large base of international OEM customers. VOCAL has one of the industry’s largest data and telephony software modem libraries, and supports all major platforms including Texas Instruments, Analog Devices, ARM, MIPS, Power PC, x86, Legerity, and StarCore cores. For more information, visit www.vocal.com.