New low-complexity voice compression, line, and acoustic echo cancellation (AEC) techniques can be integrated into a single DSP


Buffalo, NY. May 7, 2002 – VOCAL Technologies, Ltd., a leading developer of software and hardware solutions for the communications industry, announces the availability of new low-complexity voice compression algorithms and line and acoustic echo cancellation techniques for DSP-based integrated circuits (ICs). VOCAL’s new audio package was recently implemented in Sorenson Technologies’ high-performance SVX hybrid chip for videophone appliances and streaming video applications.

The VOCAL audio solution enables the delivery of crisp, clear sound on Sorenson’s SVX video communication processor through a variety of devices and applications including stand-alone videophones, set-top box videophone peripherals, broadband modems, and peripherals for home or business. Featuring code that is optimized for size, the VOCAL audio package allows additional on-chip memory space for competitive differentiation and additional features.

“SVX is a highly integrated video processor that combines Sorenson’s video compression technology with the best audio quality and echo cancellation,” explains Doug Jewell, Director of ASIC Development for Sorenson Technologies, “We needed an audio package that was highly customizable so we could integrate it with our existing architecture, and VOCAL provided us with that. We felt comfortable selecting VOCAL’s audio solution because it is based on proven, tested algorithms, and because it is part of a suite of data and audio products.”

The VOCAL products can be customized for all leading DSP platforms.

“The VOCAL audio package selected by Sorenson is part of a complete solution that handles data, fax, and speech,” adds David Jamieson, Business development at VOCAL Technologies, Ltd. “VOCAL engineers have extensive experience with today’s processors, which enables them to help our clients design and evolve their products to satisfy current and future requirements.”

The VOCAL audio and data packages for data, fax, and speech are available now.

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