Caller ID

VOCAL’s Caller ID (CID) software can be used to generate and detect Calling Identity Delivery. The CID software is compliant with ETSI ES 200 778-1 (Type I CID) and ETSI ES 200 778-2 (Type 2 CID).

This software supports:

  • Type I (On-Hook) CID
  • Type II (Off-Hook) CID
  • Bell 202 Modulation
  • V.23 Modulation
  • Single and Multiple Data Message Formats

Single Data Message Format (SDMF) supports a single data type and is used to send the phone number for number only service. Multiple Data Message Format (MDMF) supports multiple data types and is used to send name and number information. It is structured so that new types of data can be added easily (address, city, state, etc).

VOCAL’s CID detection software provides a simple C interface with status indications of the CID state. Multi-channel and multi-threaded configurations are available.

    VOCAL provides superior Voice Communications solutions and support. Through the use of digital signal processing and various voice quality enhancement (VQE) modules, the intelligibility and integrity of voice communication can be improved.

Engineering Services and Expertise

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