Unlike traditional architectures, the 8×1+1 ATA hardware and software designs fully utilize leading DSP resources and advanced patent-pending algorithms to eliminate the need for an additional RISC processor, reducing the cost of typical bill of material by as much as $8 per design. The solution is ideal for VoIP equipment suppliers desiring to add a low-cost, compact ATA solution to their portfolios. Contact us to discuss your application design requirements.

The 8×1+1 ATA solution supports up to eight telephone lines, an Ethernet port, and a PSTN life-line port for automated voice service switching in case of a power outage or network disconnection and is stackable to larger port configurations. End users can connect their homes and businesses to VoIP services using conventional wired and cordless phones without incurring additional monthly service fees or adding extra hardware. The 8×1+1 ATA solution initiates calls using the IP telephony standard Session Initiation Protocol (SIPv2) and supports multiple advanced codecs to optimize performance. For VoIP service providers looking for a design that is easily configurable with their networks, the solution provides secure and sophisticated Web-based provisioning and firmware update technology.

The 8×1+1 ATA solution is reconfigurable in the field and designed to give OEMs and service providers the ability to bring their products to market quickly and deploy them with immediate interoperability in most broadband VoIP service provider networks. OEM customers can also take advantage of VOCAL’s high-end customization capabilities, including reference design assistance and integration of value-added features.