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Session Border Controller (SBC)

What is a Session Border Controller? A Session Border Controller (SBC) plays a major role in securing and controlling real-time communications, specifically in Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and video conferencing environments. They act as

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FIR Filter Design

FIR filter design is an indispensible tool in any engineer’s toolkit. In general, there are two main classifications of FIR filter design techniques, namely, suboptimal and optimal methods. The suboptimal technique most often employed is

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Other Speech Coders

VOCAL’s speech coders have been extensively optimized using proprietary techniques for leading DSPs and conventional processors from AMD, Intel, TI, ADI and other vendors. Benchmarks have shown that VOCAL’s highly optimized C with limited assembly code compares well

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Single Pixel Camera

A standard digital camera uses a large number of photo sensors to determine the amount of light in each area of the image, referred to as a pixel. For example, a 10 megapixel camera measures

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