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TR-104 defines the data model for provisioning CPE with voice services by an AutoConfiguration Server (ACS) using the mechanism defined in TR069. This data model is known as VoiceService and is currently in version 2.

VoiceService:2 applies to all TR069enabled devices, including End Devices, Residential Gateways, and other Network Infrastructure Devices. Version 2 of VoiceService added support for FXO, DECT, ISDN,SIP Proxy and Registrar, as well as PBX functionalities and advanced telephony features.

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TR-104 was designed with the goals to:


VoIP Network Architecture

Each VoIP connection to the network is modeled by three VoiceService:2 data model tables: Client,
Network and VoIPProfile; Client and Network are protocol specific while VoIPProfile is common to
all protocols. This architecture allows multiple VoIP clients to share the same network configuration and also clients with different protocols to use the same VoIPProfile.

TR-104 CPE
Generalized TR-104 CPE

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