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V.91 Modem SoftwareV.91 modem software is fully compliant with the ITU V.91 Recommendation and optimized for most architectures. ITU-T V.91 specifies the operation of a duplex digital modem for use on a 4-wire circuit switched connection and on leased point-to-point 4-wire digital circuits at data signalling rates of up to 64 kbit/s. Contact us to discuss your V.91 modem application requirements.

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VOCAL’s V.91 modem software is optimized for performance on leading DSP architectures and processors from TI, Intel, ADI, AMD and other vendors. Our modem software may be licensed standalone, as a library or complete design. Custom designs are also available to meet specific modem application requirements.

Virtual Modem over IP

VOCAL’s SIP Software modem (MoIP or V.MoIP) solution provides developers a range of solutions to connect legacy dial up modems to modem infrastructure. Unlike other virtual modem designs, the SIP software modem can communicate with a physical modem at the far end using a VoIP service over an IP network.

V.91 Software Features

V.91 Modem

The V.91 digital modem is specified in terms of coding, start-up sequences, operating procedures and DTE-DCE interface functionalities.  ITU V.91 includes an optional control channel and support for transparent mode on unrestricted 64 kbit/s channels. The network interface and the signalling rate that is used to connect the V.91 modem locally to a 4-wire connection are considered to be country specific matters and are hence not specified.

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supported platforms for V.91 Modem Software

VOCAL’s optimized software is available for the following platforms. Please contact us for specific V.91 supported platforms.