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Mosquito noise reduction is used in many video compression algorithms where the transform and compression method introduces mosquito noise in the decoded video. Mosquito noise is a visible artifact that looks like fragments of a checkerboard pattern, or single pixel pattern located in flat or low level textured areas around strong edges. Mosquito noise reduction processing reduces this effect.

Mosquito Noise Reduction
Fig.1 Mosquito Noise Reduction Block Diagram

For each pixel, the mosquito noise reduction block has to detect the presence of a strong edge in the neighbourhood, identify that the pixel is part of a checkerboard pattern or is a single pixel in a small area around the pixel, and measure the level checkerboard or single pixel pattern to determine the flatness of the area.

If a level of checkerboard pattern or single pixel is detected and it is below some particular small threshold and the presence of a strong edge is detected in the neighbourhood, the value of this pixel is forced to the local DC value. The amount of forcing is defined by the mosquito noise reduction control.

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