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VOCAL’s Media Gateway Reference Design adds video capability to our popular ATA Reference Design to enable licensees to create next-generation video products with a rich, flexible feature set, world-wide configurability, multilingual support, and simple upgrade/expansion paths. Please contact us to discuss your media gateway applications.

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VOCAL’s Media Gateway software is modular and optimized for DSPs and conventional processors from TI, ADI, ARM, AMD, Intel and other leading vendors. Our extensive experience with the design and configuration of VoIP, network and telephony applications will help you select the right solution for your media gateway product.

Media Gateway Features

Complete listings of all the features and technical specifications are available. Highlights of the Media Gateway Reference Design include:


Media Gateway DSP Software

When used with VOCAL’s highly optimized On-One™ DSP technology, developers can significantly reduce materials cost. By running all DSP functions and application protocols under its own simple network operating system, all high density processing can be performed on a single processor. For higher channel densities, our Reference Designs scale to the use of a full operating system, such as embedded Linux (i.e. uClinux).


Since 1986 VOCAL has been developing innovative and custom designs for the telecommunications industry. Our expertise and comprehensive customization support will result in the product you want at an unbeatable cost. The benefit of having VOCAL provide both the hardware design and a complete, optimized software solution means a fully integrated, robust product which can be brought to market quickly.

Reference Design Kit

VOCAL’s Media Gateway Reference Design Kit provides developers a customizable, fully-functional hardware and software solution with:


The compliance of our telephony software to industry standards has been consistently demonstrated over the course of twenty years of software and hardware development and testing. Over 10 million ports of VOCAL products have been shipped by our clients over the past 10 years, using VOCAL’s voice processing, data and facsimile modulations, data protocols, facsimile command sets, and network protocol stacks. Many high density server systems have been developed using VOCAL software, each meeting extensive interoperability standards.

Our VoIP suite works seamlessly with popular industrial servers such as those available from Cisco, Quintum, NetCentrex, and Asterisk. VOCAL has conducted exhaustive compatibility and interoperability testing using many VoIP providers. Example configurations for service providers such as Vonage, Broadsoft, Global Village, Free World Dialup, as well as many others are available. Device configuration can be completely managed using the web interface built into the firmware or restricted as desired by the licensee. For further information regarding compatibility and interoperability testing, please contact us.


The provisioning and continued management of deployed devices is a common consideration for many service providers and product manufacturers. VOCAL’s flexible TR-069 software interface is designed to support many common provisioning restrictions, including hierarchical user access levels, restricted network or internet access, as well as manual or automatic firmware updates. We can customize our provisioning mechanisms to meet any specific requirements.

Individual advanced features may be configured based upon the customer’s service plan and administrators may prepare configuration change files and firmware updates for automatic distribution to deployed units. All tone and ring cadences are configurable to meet world-wide requirements and international call progress standards. Multilingual web access and configuration of the device through its built-in web server can be performed dynamically. Since configuration files may be developed for specific unitss or a whole product line with similar ease, management and control is under complete administrator control.