Complete Communications Engineering

RISC–V is a free and open instruction set architecture (ISA) based on the load and store reduced instruction set computer.  The open-source ISA allows developers the ability to create and experiment with custom solutions without the burden of royalties and licenses.  RISC-V has the base integer instruction sets for 32-bit, 64-bit and 128-bit systems with many optional extensions, such as, single or double precision floating point and vector operations.  RISC-V provides opportunities to create more secure systems with their multizone trust execution environment (TEE), which includes privileged execution extensions and the physical memory protection (PMP) primitive.  The flexibility and scalability of RISC-V makes an ideal platform for next-generation IoT and communication devices.

VOCAL’s core technologies in data, fax, VoIP, and audio signal processing are available is for RISC-V platforms.  VOCAL’s 35+ years’ experience in embedded software development makes us the experts on providing highly efficient custom solutions.  Beyond RISC-V, our source code is optimized for execution on ANSI C and DSP architectures from ARM, TI, ADI, AMD, Intel, MIPS and other vendors.

VOCAL’s RISC-V software modules include:

Speech CodecsVideo Codecs
Data ModemsGroup 3 Facsimile/Fax Modems
Fax over IPModem Command Sets
TelephonyDigital Telephony
Network StackNAT/Firewall
Echo Cancellation