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The flexibility of the JPSEC specification is accomplished through the use of both the user defined tools and the Registration Authority Tools. Any organization recognized by their National Bodies can submit new technologies they would like included in the JPSEC reference list. Tools are specified by their marker in the codestream, when an unknown marker is found a connection to the JPSEC RA is established to retrieve the registered information about the tool.

Applications for registration of new JPSEC tools shall be published by the JPSEC RA. The JPSEC RA shall provide tutorial assistance in preparing applications and forms for the following:

All forms shall include the name and address of the applicant organization, along with the name, title, postal/e-mail address, telephone/facsimile number of a contact person in the organization. Forms for Registration Application and Request for Update shall also include these mandatory items:

These optional items may also be present:

When a tool is approved for entrance into the JPSEC registry the JPSEC RA assigns a unique ID that will be used in the codestream to signal the use of this tool. When this ID is found in the codestream the needed information will be retrieved from the JPSEC RA. Each tool entry in the register shall contain:

NOTE: items marked with a “*” can be updated

Further information available here:
JPSEC Tool Decryption Template
JPSEC Tool Authentication Template
JPSEC Tool Hash Template
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JPSEC Standards available here:
Joint Photographic Experts Group (JPEG) Part 8 – JPSEC: Secure JPEG 2000 Final Committee Draft
ISO/IEC 15444-8:2007 – Information technology — JPEG 2000 image coding system: Secure JPEG 2000
T.807 (05/06) – Information technology — JPEG 2000 image coding system: Secure JPEG 2000