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BUFFALO, NY — VOCAL Technologies Ltd., a developer of integrated software and silicon solutions, announced today the release of their new Analog Telephone Adapter (ATA) reference design, which allows for enhanced VOIP performance and telephone functionality.

ATA’s designed to the new specifications would be able to communicate with remote standard telephones located up to 1000 feet away over standard existing telephone wiring without disrupting existing services. With the addition of just over $3 of hardware and downloadable software modules, the, standard VOIP telephone service can be enhanced to provide class 5 switch services, such as multiple incoming lines, conferencing, internal dialing, distinctive ringing, and a host of other services. This would result in a Bill of Material cost of close to $22 for a standard 2 by 2 (2 LAN ports, 2 telephone ports) ATA.

Additional software can be added to the new adapter in order to provide GR-909 compliant ISP multi-channel real time service provisioning. This software establishes a number of VPC’s (virtual private circuits or channels) by providing authentication information, QOS provisioning and capability presentation, and statistics such as packet loss, packet jitter, and total packets delivered per VPC. The added software also enables the ISP to deliver multiple types of service (in addition to standard voice service) and enables the ATA to act as a true multi-service gateway.

The ATA hardware functions using a small box-sized adapter (also designed by VOCAL Technologies, Ltd) that fits into a standard wall jack and can be used by almost any telephone. Accommodating up to 12 remote telephones, each unit announces itself immediately to the ATA and requires no user programming or additional installation.

The ATA enhancement allows VOIP service to be shared among multiple telephones within a small business or household, as well as providing additional service capability.
About VOCAL Technologies, Ltd.
Founded in 1986, VOCAL Technologies, Ltd., is an industry leader in providing innovative telecommunications and networking solutions to a large base of international OEM customers. VOCAL has one of the industry’s largest data and telephony software modem libraries, and supports all major platforms including Texas Instruments, Analog Devices, ARM, MIPS, x86, Legerity, and StarCore cores. For more information,