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Buffalo, NY. May 29, 2012 – VOCAL Technologies, Ltd. announced their modular fax software stack provides comprehensive diagnostics to assist fax providers identify and resolve errors and other issues that occur during facsimile transmissions. “VOCAL’s diagnostic features provide precise fax analytics for analysts to profile,” according to Nick Basil, CTO, Axacore “it’s almost like looking at an MRI of a fax transmission under a microscope in the transport environment.”

Fax transmission errors can occur at anytime in the transfer process.  Different types of errors will happen at startup, during image transfer and upon termination.  This has a significant impact on ISP resources since a 1% increase in a carrier’s failure rate often translates into 70% more time for personnel to troubleshoot and resolve fax transmission issues.

During the first 60 seconds of startup, fax devices exchange a training sequence of tones to determine line conditions, data rates, and other session parameters.  Analyzing a recording of this training sequence will help determine whether the modulation, signal levels and data protocols used were executed successfully.  Many times the issue is simply an operator placing a call to the wrong fax receiver or even a non-fax number.

During image transfer operations, dropped packets and redundancy issues may cause transmissions to terminate.  The last 60 seconds of call processing often contains valuable information about the fax completion scenario.  Fax machine interop may need to be examined.  In other cases where lost packets or redundancy issues occurred during the transmission, network loading or other issues may be at fault.  Network engineers need to examine multiple statistics of the transmission failure to solve the underlying issue.  These often include the circuit status, carrier routing, call density and other environmental parameters.

VOCAL’s modular fax software stack provides detailed diagnostics for a wide variety of per-channel frame statistics. Parameters may be specified for collection as needed.  Statistics are updated continuously during operation and made available to the controlling application for system monitoring, network bandwidth management, and troubleshooting.  Collected data can include modulation states, Data Modulation Monitor Retrain/Renegotiate, SNR, TX/RX levels and data rates, data protocol, carrier family, reasons for a disconnect, round trip delays and V.59 modem diagnostics. V.59 specifies a standard format for diagnostic output that other applications can utilize.

About Axacore and VOCAL

Axacore provides ready-to-deploy software and appliance solutions for document management, imaging and fax technologies. Axacore focuses on delivering enterprise fax solutions to small-to-medium sized businesses at an affordable price.  Axacore products reduce the hassle of paper filing and eliminate lost documents.  Axacore was founded in 1996 with corporate headquarters located in San Diego, CA.  For more information about specific products and services, visit

Founded in 1986, VOCAL Technologies, Ltd. is a leading provider of innovative telecommunications and networking solutions for OEM customers worldwide. VOCAL provides next generation communications solutions for a range of Business, Military, and consumer products. The Company is dedicated to providing software and hardware solutions under license for voice, video, data, and facsimile (fax) applications with support for all major DSP, RISC and CISC processors.  VOCAL’s corporate headquarters are located in Amherst, New York.  For more information about specific products and services, visit