Complete Communications Engineering

Hardware Reference Designs provide voice, video, data, and fax solutions suitable for world-wide homologation and customized for specific operating environments. Our Reference Designs are robust yet flexible and easily customized to satisfy additional system requirements. VOCAL also offers many solutions in the form of FPGA/PLD/ASIC Cores. Contact us for a demo.

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Hardware Reference Design Kits

Kits consist of:

  1. Schematics
  2. BOM
  3. Complete custom firmware
  4. Technical engineering assistance with layout design and hardware bringup
  5. Lifetime product maintenance and support

Reference Designs are available for a variety of products, including:


Cores comprise:

  1. Fully synchronous design
  2. Fully functional and synthesizable VHDL soft-core
  3. Testbench files to show operation
  4. VHDL microprocessor interface module
  5. C Code for wrapper interface, test vector generation and functional verification

FPGA/PLD/ASIC Cores are available for a variety of applications, including: