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Fax Command Set Software
Fax command set software provides a general purpose command set controller (CSC) with options for developers to support features available with many command sets as well as to create custom command sets for specific applications. These features include facsimile control (known as fax command sets class 1, 1.0, 2, 2.0 and 2.1), speech/audio coder control, speakerphone control, data modem control, caller ID, low-level multimedia control (V.80), V.8/V.8bis startup procedure control (V.251). Contact us for a demo.

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VOCAL’s fax command set software is optimized for DSPs and RISC/CISC processors from ADI, TI, Intel, ARM and other leading vendors. Our fax software may be licensed as a standalone algorithm or library. Custom designs are also available to meet your specific requirments.

Fax Command Set Controller

VOCAL’s facsimile service class 1 command sets (EIA-578 and T.31) can be used to control all of the facsimile modulations and data streams. In addition, VOCAL’s facsimile service class 2 command sets such as T.32 (known as fax class 2.1), EIA-592 (known as fax class 2.0) and industry standard (known as fax class 2) can be used to control T.30 functions.