Complete Communications Engineering

Dynamic Range Compression (DRC) is part of a Voice Quality Enhancement (VQE) package for both the transmit and receive audio paths. DRC limits the dynamic range of the signal by amplifying low level input signals (upward compression) and/or attenuating high level input signals (downward compression). Downward compression is important for volume control and limiting the peaks of the input signals that may cause distortions in the audio hardware.

VOCAL provides both full-band and multi-band DRC with multiple knee point configurations.  Real-time configuration of the number of knees points, knee point thresholds and the attack & release times are available.


VOCAL provides superior Voice Communications solutions and support. Through the use of digital signal processing and various voice quality enhancement (VQE) modules, the intelligibility and integrity of voice communication can be improved.

Engineering Services and Expertise

Pre-manufacture Acoustic Guidance
Single Microphone and Multi-microphone Designs
Transmit and Receive Enhancements
Custom Integration and Tuning
Enables Natural Talking Experience
Low Power Embedded Support