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Microphone arrays are one of the most advanced tools for improving speech quality. Most microphones have an omni-directional directivity pattern, so all desired and undesired sounds sources are picked up by the microphone equally.  A microphone array utilizing beamforming effectively does quality enhancement implicitly by focusing a receiving radiation pattern in the direction of a desired signal.  Microphone array beamforming results in reduced interference and improved quality of the captured sound.

There are many design considerations for microphone array beamforming, such as the number of microphones and the placement of the microphones. Sometimes the application or existing product design will dictate the microphone array and sometimes the microphone array is an open design.  In these cases, VOCAL uses it’s experience across all areas of communications design to create systems specific to our customers needs.  VOCAL engineers can consult with you on the optimal microphone placement that will be meet your product and application requirements.  However, there are some general truths of beamforming microphone arrays that must be considered:

Applications of Beamforming Microphone Arrays:


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In addition to the microphone array beamforming, VOCAL’s Voice Quality Enhancement (VQE) System provides a complete voice enhancement solution to cancel echo and further reduce noise.  VQE combines various algorithms together in such a way that maximizes speech enhancement, whether the far-end listener is a human or machine.