Complete Communications Engineering

Analog Telephone Adapter provisioning and continued management of deployed devices is a common consideration for many VoIP service providers and product manufacturers. VOCAL’s flexible ATA software interface is designed to support many common provisioning restrictions, including hierarchical user access levels, restricted network or internet access, as well as manual or automatic firmware updates. We can customize our provisioning mechanisms to meet any specific provisioning requirements. In addition, our software is available with an optional TR-069 software stack which implements the TR-069 management protocol client. Contact us to discuss your application requirements for provisioning.

Individual advanced features may be configured based upon the customer’s service plan and administrators may prepare configuration change files and firmware updates for automatic distribution to deployed devices. All tone and ring cadences and frequencies are configurable to meet world-wide requirements and international call progress standards. Similarly, multilingual web access and configuration of the ATA through its built-in web server is not only possible but may be set dynamically. Since configuration files may be developed for specific ATAs or a whole product line with similar ease, management and control of the ATA is under complete administrator control.

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