Complete Communications Engineering

VOCAL has conducted exhaustive ATA compatibility and interoperability testing with numerous industrial servers and VoIP providers. Our standards-based designs provide an extensive features list, world-wide configurability, and multilingual support. VOCAL’s ATA configuration can be completely managed using the web interface built into the ATA software or restricted as desired by the licensee.

VOCAL’s ATA designs work seamlessly with popular servers such as those available from Cisco, Quintum, NetCentrex, 3CX, Open SIPS, Freeswitch and Asterisk. Example configurations for service providers such as Vonage, Broadsoft, Global Village, Free World Dialup, as well as many others are available. For further information regarding compatibility and interoperability testing with specific servers and VoIP providers, please contact us.

VOCAL’s telephony software complies with industry standards and has been consistently demonstrated with our proven software and hardware development and testing. Millions of ports of VOCAL products have been shipped by our customers using our voice processing, data and facsimile modulations, data protocols, facsimile command sets, and network protocol stacks. Many high density server systems have been developed using VOCAL software, each meeting extensive interoperability standards.

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