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Network providers and carriers offer enterprise customers the ability to deliver toll free services. These 1-800 phone numbers connect customers to talk toll free to customer support. Toll free data calls can also be provided for updating remote consumer products.  Prior to Ethernet and WiFi connectivity many products used standard analog phone lines for connecting.

Toll free data calls were traditionally supported by large banks of hardware analog data modems connected to an E1/T1 line.  As E1/T1 lines are increasingly being replaced by packet based infrastructure, companies need to update to full software IP data modem servers which are compatible with older ITU-T V-series modulation standards.

VOCAL SIP Analog Modem Solutions are available in a variety of configurations which cover the full range of ITU-T V-series modems as well as many other industry standard modulations to fully replace analog modems to support these 1800 toll free data call back end servers.

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SIP Analog Modem Solutions