Software solutions boost performance in current and next generation WLANs with low-power transmissions

Buffalo, NY. February 12, 2002– VOCAL Technologies, Ltd., a leading developer of software and hardware solutions for the communications industry, announces its proprietary Turbo Code Solution to reduce power and boost performance in the transmit portion of mobile devices in a wireless local area network (WLAN), such as a laptop computer.

Turbo Codes can increase the performance of a WLAN by more than 5-dB over traditional convolutional coding techniques. Using the VOCAL Turbo Code Solution, an 802.11a system can be configured to perform within 1-dB of that limit. The resulting benefits to the WLAN system are that it requires 5-dB less power, or it can transmit over a greater coverage area. For instance, if an 802.11a system can communicate at 36 Mbps up to 90 ft (30 m), using Turbo Codes it is be able to communicate at 36 Mbps up to 180 ft (60 m).

“VOCAL engineers leveraged their experience in Turbo Coding for DSL modems to develop a proprietary Turbo Code Solution for WLAN product design,” explains David Jamieson, Manager of Business Development at VOCAL. “This will give PC card and IC manufacturers the opportunity to develop systems with greater functionality and lower power, as well as the flexibility to use multiple hardware platforms.”

Initially developed in 1993, Turbo codes shift the complex coding functions to the receiver, which boosts transmission communication performance very close to channel capacity. Turbo codes are being specified in multiple wireless standards around the world, including the Third Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) proposal for IMT-2000, Inmarsat’s multimedia service, NASA’s Deep Space Network, and the new European DVB standard.

The VOCAL Turbo Code software products are available now. VOCAL also offers a LDPC Code product, which is available now.

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